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It's YOUR Day ...Anyway!

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Get an all-in-one, Florida commissioned Notary Public, Non-denominational Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant, to preside over your ceremony or service.  Consulting, philosophical discussion and friendly counseling are also available.  I also preside over a number of ministerial ceremonies, such as: Funerals, Baptisms, Ceremonial Benedictions and Blessings.

A few years back while still living in Maine, I had my own wedding coordinator/event planner business.  This was my business for over 25 years.  So, I have lots of experience!

After moving to Florida, I worked several years at the Sarasota Clerk of Circuit Court.  Even though being a Clerk of the Court Trainer was interesting and somewhat rewarding, something in my heart felt missing: Weddings!  And the joy associated with the people getting married and sharing in one of the happiest days of their lives. 

So, I decided to get back into the happy aspect of weddings by officiating.

I think you will find me to be friendly, open-minded, eager to grant your wishes and to help make YOUR Day the best it can be.   Because...

It’s YOUR Day …Anyway!


Officiating Funerals

 I came to preside over my first funeral in a most sorrowful moment, yet out of necessity.  It happened when my own mother passed after a long suffering. 

It was mid summer when I was suddenly summoned to my original hometown in Maine. My mother was seriously ailing and I needed to go to her. 


Mom was always spiritual and her belief in God was strong, however, she did not attend a church nor was she connected to any one pastor.

Over the several months of watching her fail each day, I asked her questions.  Did she want this or that? Did she have a Will?  I asked everything and came to know her in a different light.  I began to take notes and help her to plan her own funeral.       

She was very specific to what she wanted, so that made it earier.  She was very organized in her thoughts and details.  When the time came, it was easier to know just want she wanted and helped me to excute the entire ceremony and services.         

Her funeral was as she wished, and my gift to her was to write her a poem and speak at her funeral. Funny that may seem to some, as those who know me well, know I have severe stage fright.  But I got through the service. 

As it was still Winter in Maine and the grounds frozen, Mom's burial would have to wait. So over the next few months, as the ground thawed, I decided to give Mom one last gift; I got ordaineed as a minister and learned all I could to preside fully over a funernal including interment with full prayer services. 

I am sure Mom is proud. She always wanted clergy, and that would be me.

Once I did that, every other funeral has been a beautiful happending.  I believe that I have a calling for this part of ministry.  I know the empathy needed to console, comfort, and have gained the skills to provide a loving service for those in time of sorrow. I also know God in a way that is inclusionary for all who believe, yet, I still can perform a Civil Cermony for those whose choice is different. 

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