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 Wedding Officiant Services
I am a Florida commissioned Notary Public and an ordained minister through Universal Life Church Monastery, a non-denominational faith based ministry.  
In civil ceremonies, all that is required by the State of Florida is a commissioned Notary Public.   This title allows me to legally solemnize and officiate your civil wedding ceremony at your choice of Florida venue.  However, I do not conduct civil ceremonies in a church or in a church venue. 
As an ordained minister, I  am able to perform your religious wedding ceremony in your church of any faith.*  As an ordained minister, I can also perform your wedding ceremony in most States.  

 * As invited by the selected church


Consulting Services
If you so choose and are in need of a helping hand or just some ideas, I also offer a wide range of consulting services for much of your wedding needs. I have over 25 years experience as a wedding coordinator and I have many suggestions and ideas to support you in making your day truly special and full of lifetime memories.
Consultation services can be customized to meet some or most of your wedding needs. You can pick my brain for money saving tips and for ways to help you create a budget and stay within it, while obtaining your wedding dreams and goals.  I can offer theme and decor ideas, a list of possible locations, possible service vendors/providers, ceremonial and reception choreography, and provide help with YOUR vow writing. I can assist in preparation appointment setting and even attend with you or as your representative, as needed.  Again, you choose what and how many consultation services you need.  
Of course, consultation services offered can be waived and you may utilize all of your own ideas, with or without consultant.  After all, it's YOUR day and it should be exactly as you want and envision it to be.
A list of sample ceremonies are provided on the WEDDING OFFICIANT sub-tabs above.  If you would like to use any sample, please feel free to copy any ceremony and ritual. These can be used for YOUR Day by requesting the name through e-mail or by calling the number as provided on the CONTACTS & LINKS tab above.*  Ninety-nine percent of the time, you will want something that is more just for the two of you.  Those ceremonies are custom written for the two of you.   Most couples have their own ideas or would like something different and more specific to them.  I would love for you to provide a brief description of what you are looking for and a good time to talk to you with a contact number.  Then I will create an unique ceremony just for YOU.   
Whatever your need, let me help make YOUR wedding the most fabulous day EVER!
*Sample ceremonies are suggestive and may be customized for your personal day.   


In addition to being commissioned by the State of Florida as a Notary Public, I am also a non-denominational ordained minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery (ULC).  I perform several types of services from baptisms and christenings, funerals and burials to ceremonial benedictions.  I offer personal care visitation, provide spiritual guidance and emotional support to individuals and groups in a variety of situations.  Hope and comfort can come from the peace of sharing good and bad happenings.

I also specialize in officiating spiritual or faith-based weddings: classic, themed, civil or alternative ceremonies, and personal rituals.  Holding both offices, as a Florida Notary Public and being an ordained minister, I will award you assurance that your ceremony is a legal and binding marital contract.  That's right, your marriage will be legally and forever binding!    

The Universal Life Church is a non-denominational, non-profit religious organization ​famous worldwide.  The Universal Life Church Monastery invites each of it's ministers to define religious terms as they see fit. 

Ministers, under ULC, understand the parallels between various religions and encourage the promotion of interaction between religions and the free exchange of ideas and that each faith’s traditions can benefit all humankind.  All religious ideas and concepts expressed are debatable.  The ULC believes every opinion has a voice and so do I.


The ULC has also become renowned for its role as a champion of religious freedom, social justice and spiritual expression.  While the ULC has become a global leader in these fields, it largely attributes that status to the commitment and competence of the millions of empowered ministers brought together in a world pavilion of togetherness.

(Universal Life Church Monastery, Est. 1977)


What do these spiritual or religious ideals mean to your ceremony? 

First, as an ordained minister of the ULC, I possess the full legal status required to officiate a wide variety of ceremonial marriages.  In addition, I am qualified to perform baptisms, preside over funerals, and conduct any other religious ceremony of your choosing.*

Second, I will listen carefully to your wants, needs and ideas.  Together, we can  find possibilities to fulfill nearly every desire and essential element of whatever you aspire for your special day.

Third, it means that each ceremony, ritual and tradition, may be it religious, civil or your ideal, will be performed by this minister with an open-mind and free of my own ideals.  You will only find respect from me.*

Next, your choices of ceremony, ritual and tradition will be considered by this minister.  If it can be done and is not harmful to any person, creature or land, it will be entertained for your complete satisfaction.*

Lastly, it is your day no matter the service.  You should have what you want and expect.              


* As invited by the selected church.

      * No exceptions or considerations will be deliberated for any Satanic 

        or satirically based faith nor performed by this minister of peace.

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