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         ~~~OPENING~~~ (Officiant)

We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, the joining of two hearts and to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite this couple in marriage.

Should there be anyone who has any known cause why this couple should not be united in marriage, SPEAK NOW!

Who Gives this Woman/Man today to be married (optional)

Today we have come together to witness the joining of these two lives. For them, out of the routine of ordinary life, the extraordinary has happened. They met each other, fell in love and are finalizing it with their wedding. A good marriage must be created. It is never being too old to hold hands. It’s remembering to say I love you every day and it is not just marrying the right person its being the right partner.


       ~~~VOWS~~~ (Offciant – then Groom/Bride repeats)

I, GROOM/BRIDE name take you GROOM/BRIDE name to be my husband/wife,

my partner in life and my one true love.

I will cherish our friendship

And will love you today, tomorrow, and forever.


       ~~~I DO’s~~~ (Officiant)

GROOM/BRIDE name, do you take GROOM/BRIDE name to be your HUSBAND/WIFE?


Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him/her, forsaking all others and holding only unto him/her?

          GROOM/BRIDE  "I do"


         ~~~RINGS~~~ (Officiant)

Wedding rings are an unbroken circles of love, signifying to all the union of this couple in marriage.

         (Offciant – then Groom/Bride repeats)

GROOM/BRIDE, PLEASE repeat after me-

This ring is my sacred gift,

with my promise that I will always love you,

cherish you and honor you all the days of my life.

And with this ring, I enter into marriage with you.


   ~~~PRONOUNCEMENT~~~  (Officiant)

By the power vested in me by the State of Florida, I now pronounce you Husband/and/Wife.

You may kiss your BRIDE/GROOM. 

Honored guests, I now present to you our happy couple – GROOM/BRIDE’s full married name.

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