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Leis & Hand Binders


Promise in Purple *

Long silky ribbon binder in purple with contrasting lavender lacy eyelet ribbon center and white silk roses at each end.                   PPHB10      $22

Purple, Lavender, White and Royal Blue Silk Floral Wrist Leis.            

         PPWL10     $35

   Sold as separately or as a set: 

       Set: PPBL10 $50

 *Order in your own colors - see blow.          

Ribbon Hand Binders 
& Wrist Leis

Long silky ribbon binder  with contrasting lacy eyelet ribbon center and white silk roses at each end.             

          RBBHB10    $22

Choice of Color Silk Floral Wrist Leis.             CWL10        $35

Sold as separately or as a set: 

        Set: BWLs20  $50

 This may be created in choice of colors to order.   

*Order in your own colors.          

13 -Hand Binding Blessing  3.jpg
Hand Binding Rainbow ribbons.jpg

Hand Binder

Hand Binding 2.jpg

Binders are an old tradition.  The cord is a symbol of the connection between your two lives that are to be bound together in marriage.  


All Hand Binders are custom made in a variety of colors and soft, delicate fabrics. These can run from $25 & up depending on the fabric used and detail that may be added to the binders.   

  Order    #HBc30  

Hand Binding Scottish.jpg
Hand Binding White.jpg
Hand Biding cord.jpg
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