Unity Candles are hand-crafted just for you.  Prices reflect the Full Unity Candle Set - holders and candles.  See samples below of Unity Candles Sets that may currently be available for immediate purchase.  Candles are custom made to order and can be interchanged with any available Unity Holder Set.  Candle Holders and Unity Candle designs presented can be requested, however Holders and Candles may not be exact.  If a Set is no longer available, a close duplicate and modification may be possible.  Find the Item Number (#ABC123) and request that number design by calling or go to CONTACTS & LINKS above to email directly.  Someone will respond promptly.                                                           PayPal available.

NOTE: Candles may not be available as represented below.

Calla Lily Romance

Sweet Calla Lily  Rhinestone Studded  Candlestick Holders (green) &  Tall Twisted Pillar  Base.

      $50         #CLR1

Sparkling Lead Crystal Partylite Pillar Pedestal & Cut Lead Crystal Candlesticks Holders.

    $55                     #PLN1

Partylite Nights

Silver Knights

Classy Antiqued Silver Plated Pillar Pedestal & Sterling Silver Candlesticks Holders.  Candle decorations are made to order.

        $55                #SKS1

Enchanted Dreams

Silvered Opaque Pillar Plate  & Lead Crystal Candlesticks Holders are truly a Dream.

        $45         #EDOP1

Forever Love

Etched Glass Pillar Plate  & Lead Crystal Candlesticks Holders shimmer into FOREVER!

          $50        #FLGP1

To theMoon & Back

Lead Crystal Tripod Candlesticks Holders with Etched Lead Glass Pillar Plate will Shine to the Moon and Back!  Candles made to order.

         $55                  #TTMB1

Deep Passion 2

Vintage Pewter Candlestick Holders with Silver Metal Starfish Pillar Pedestal  all adorned with our Gulf Coast Shells and Sparkling Coral Colored Ribbon bringing on a Wave of Deep Passion.

        $55           #DPSc2

Above the Rest

Waterford Crystal Candlestick  

Holders with Tall Partylite

Pillar Pedestal holds the Flame and Love Above the Rest.

      $85         #ARC1

Holiday Promise 


 Love, Cherish & Honor

One Piece Gold Metal Candelabra  softly done in Holiday Promise to Love, Cherish & Honor. 

      $42         #HPLCH1

Cherish The Moment

Definitely a one of a kind! Vintage Lead Crystal Pillar Candle Base on a Cut Glass Bottom Base with Vintage Avon Bottle Candlestick Holders.  Colored Liquid/Water Beads add to the uniqueness that will help to Cherish The Moment. Color of  water and water beads may be changed.

              $80              #CTMA1       

Love Birds

Vintage Lancaster Crystal Pillar Base with matching Lancaster Crystal Candlesticks Holders. These Love Birds Never Get Caged.

        $60        # LBC2

Snowflakes & Diamonds

Etched Glass with Silver-tone Snowflake Metal Base with Silver-tone Candlesticks sparkling like diamonds in the snow.  No two Snowflakes are alike and Diamonds are forever. Perfect meaning to your winter ceremony.

               $45                  #SDC1 

  Love is ... Butterflies!

Etched Floral Glass Pillar Base with Blossom Glass Candlesticks – Love is ... as Beautiful as are Butterflies.

   $35             #LIB1

One Piece Lovely Gold-tone  Metal Candelabra.  Love is ... Butterflies in My Heart.

   $32                #LIB2

{mr. & mrs.}

Sparkling Lead Crystal Pillar Base with Rose Embossed Candlesticks Holders. Simply said, Mr. & Mrs. 

   $55       #MMLR1

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