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Before the Wedding:

The bride and groom write each other a love letter expressing how much they feel about one another, what makes their love special to the other, and why each wishes to spend their life together.  The Bride and Groom each seal the letters in individual envelopes.  They should be held close like the rings or have the officiant hold them for the ceremony.

After the Wedding Vows:

The officiate will prepare and explain the meaning and use of the love letter box.  During the ceremony, the Bride and the Groom will  present their sealed letters to each other and place the letters in the box along with their favorite bottle of wine.  Together, they will close the lid and turn the key to lock the box. 

(Officiant will individualize a ceremony just for you and approved by you.)

After the Wedding:

The love letter box is only opened for one of two reasons. First, if the couple are facing difficulties and questioning their marriage, they should open the box, have a glass of wine together, and then read the letter written for them to reflect on the reasons for why they married.  The second reason to open the lock box is for an anniversary date that the bride and groom chooses at the beginning of their marriage and life together.

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